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Benjie strives to serve his community by offering beautiful and effective websites handcrafted pixel by pixel. Having helped many brands and businesses in the North West build their websites and will tailor to your unique ideas! 

Thought of a redesign?

Going through a website redesign (if done properly) can help you reach your goals including better creating brand value for your business, improved lead generation, and beyond.

If you know or  think you should invest in a website redesign, let’s consider having a short conversation! I can help you determine the best steps for your website redesign and potentially help meet more customers!

World's Fastest



Stop with the headaches and hours of trying to figure out how to build and setup your website. Take the opportunity of using a service to take care of all your website needs so you can focus on what really matters in your business and life.


Strategy planning


Inform your target audience with your new products and promotions! 


Be able to manage your website quickly and easily. 


Be easier to find when your audience search for you online!

Completed Projects

Building websites that are stunning and bring results. specializes in manufacturing reconditioned, Re manufactured, and newly manufactured parts. The site was built with the main objectives of expressing their core values and professionalism to their many customers. 

1st Choice Home Construction Co. offers outstanding quality roofing and chimney work. Being able to create a easy way to collect leads without any confusion was accomplished while creating this website. 

Need some relief? Indigo Mobile Massage creates a unique way of delivering massages to the community.  The site was able to display services they offer in a fashionable and convenient way.

Premium Green Cleaning designed by Benjie

Premium Green Cleaning Services offer professional value of quality and confidence in any size job they complete! Their new websites allows customers to understand their core values and collect leads through customized forms.

The importance of being able to build strong brand loyalty and trust to your audience is without a doubt a essential in any idea or business.  What are you currently doing to make sure your audience truly understands the value you offer?

Why choose

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How can all your potential customers find you online? With a website or even content on your social media, your customers will be able to find you with ease!

  • Website design
  • Content creation
  • Copywriting


Spread your message worth spreading to your target audience! Your budget is important to us, so the team will try our best to use the most effective techniques in advertising to bring you more customers!

  • Digital Ad creation
  • Social media marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Lead generation

STEP 1: Connect

Connect with me on a discovery phone call so I can understand the scope of the project.

STEP 2: I Create

Through a planned timeline I will create the project and give you updates via phone call or a preferable contact method.

step 3: BE AMAZED

Project will be launched for you or your business to use to grow!


"This is by far the best web designer that I've ever used, he's on the ball, answers anytime I have questions. Thanks Benjie! I super appreciate your quality of work! "
Shay B.
1st Choice Home Contruction Co.
" Benjie did a great job on my website! He was professional, communicated regularly, as and on-time! "
Elise H.
Indigo Mobile Massage
"After using and thorough testing of 2 days, all I can say is, this plugin is simply awesome, and above standards of other free Page Builders. Try it and you'll love it!"
Anahi L.
Premium Green Cleaning